Wave-troversy! The Anti-Wave Wave Swells and Comes Into Shore

I swear.  We are not Super-Villains

I swear. We are not Super-Villains

Here’s a fun thing I got myself involved in :)

As fans of the podcast and the blog know, We’ve adopted an Anti-Wave stance for a while now-as early as our second episode from last year.  Awesome Tweeters @FakeFP made a new “Petition” to not do the wave this week, and @CapCityApparel updated his Kill The Wave Design.  Well that got picked up by Yahoo, and then it was…well it went a little viral.  I guess you could say there was a Tidal Wave of Wave talk.

Today, FakeFP was contacted by the very nice Megan Cloherty from WTOP to do a story about the Anti-Wave movement.  FakeFP asked me, Max, and a few others if we wanted to do it.  I said yes and, before I knew it, I did an interview for the radio.

Here’s the written article and I’ve heard the audio (not posted yet?).  Given that they were doing a story in about 25 seconds, I think it went pretty well-but I do want to correct just a few errors that seem to have come from consolidating:

UPDATE:  The article has been updated to reflect the stuff below.  Also, it has been updated with quote from the NatsArchive, Max (of Cap City Apparel) and even the Jayson Werth’s Beard Twitter account.   Also, here are audio clips 1 (which still has me as the “leader”) and 2 (which has me as one blog of several) can be heard here:

I appreciate Ms. Cloherty following up.  I’ll leave the below in for the sake of posterity only.

  • I am not “behind” the #KillTheWave movement, per the story.  Many Nationals fans have been frustrated with it, and I just sort of did the interview as one of those people.  FakeFP, CapCity those guy do the paraphernalia (which is awesome).  I don’t want to take undue credit here.
  • The “petition” is not a petition, but a mockup of a petition.  We are not signing these, handing them out or turning them in.  It just spells out what most fans who don’t like the wave make of the wave and why.
  • There is actually no effort to ban the wave.  No one wants anyone put in jail, or thrown out of Nationals Park (or at least, not really) for doing/starting the wave.  This part was cut, but I did say that we’re more about educating others/fans about the problems the wave presents (to fans, players, etc.) We frankly don’t have the time or energy to try and convince the Nationals or anyone else to put some official stop to it.  The hope (at least our hope) is that if enough people “get it” and don’t want to do the wave, the wave won’t happen on the park at its own.  I’m not a fan of banning forms of expression-but I do think that not all forms of expression need to be, well, um, expressed?

Anyway, if you found this page and have questions or comments you can leave them below.  I always welcome polite discourse and discussion, and so long as you’re not a potty mouth/clearly trolling, I’ll approve comments and respond if you like.

But above all else, please know that I (and everyone else involved in this effort) really and truly do love this baseball team. Baseball for us, for all of us, is much, muchbigger than the wave.  There is so much to see and learn and watch about the game and the team and the players-we don’t want to miss a second of it.  We want to see all of it, and we’re convinced that most of you do to.

Now, let’s go watch the hometown 9 kick the crap out of the Barves!

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